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By Adam Curry. Posted Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 1:37 PM.


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By Adam Curry. Posted Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 1:38 PM.

Problematic Woman

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Conversion disorder - PubMed Health

Cause of Epidemic in Le Roy is Hush-Hush. Are "The Le Roy Twelve" Really Victims of Vaccine-Injury? |

OT - Leroy 12.. Gardasil much!?? - None/Select/Delayed Vaccinations - BabyCenter


ICANN chief Beckstrom says he will go in July 2012 * The Register

ICANN CEO job ad in The Economist [image] | DomainIncite - Domain Name News & Opinion

ICANN hires weight-loss guru as vice president | DomainIncite - Domain Name News & Opinion


Rent the Acropolis for just $2000 a day | - Finance minister to open international financial tribunal

Rioting in Romania: The battle of Bucharest | The Economist

LONDON PROTEST WITHOUT BORDERS Romanians took to the streets, preparing CANADA

Google Traducere

"The Romans in Britain against a manifest powers has never been so cynical and so much directed against its own people. This power has never asked the people if he wants to have the largest debt in the history of the country, public and private debt over 100 billion euros borrowed money in most of the last 3-4 years. If Romania has failed to rebuild with such a hefty sum, it is logical to believe is that people who lead the destinies of the country are incompetent or stole the money. In both cases the solution is only one: Government resignation and the resignation of President who endorsed all measures of austerity that bring people to the streets today.

Citeste mai mult pe REALITATEA.NET:

Contant betalen wordt veel moeilijker - De Standaard

Croatia-EU: Sunday referendum on membership,'yes' vote ahead

IMF Seeks to Raise Lending Power by Up to $500 Billion Amid Europe Crisis -


Whitehouse Insider

You Don't Ever Wanna Do The Things I've Done... -- -- Readability

We got the death of a operative.- Good solid party guy.- Fifty somethin' years old.- Natural causes. No investigation.- He sees something about the current United States president...says it...shares it with some others, including this Senator.- They are tight.- Go way back a ways.- She's got power.- If she has...if she gets some kind of information... that makes her a threat.- It makes him a threat.- There's a business partner...he...well wouldn't you know it...he has a serious legal threat brought down on him around the same time!- Imagine that?- Bet he was told something too, right?- No accident there.- Warnings is what was going on there.- Back the f-ck off -- and it was comin' right from the White House boys.- Or worse yet...back to f-cking Chicago.- The unions.- That vote that pissed 'em off so much.- And then they killed him.- And now they are taking on the Senator herself.- Right on it.- Theft?- And the fu--ing thief is...I sh-t you not...she headed up an Obama group.- That's either ballsy or stupid...or both...or just fu--ing insane.- The Senator...she knew something.- That she bypassed Obama on the Bin Laden announcement.- That wasn't his call and she knew it.- She knew it.- Her words that night.- "No one knows when. No one knows how. No one knows why."- She was warning them to back off...the White House.- Back the f-ck off.- The public face...all smiles and nods.- That's how it's always done...but there's what's said off to the side, if you know what to catch it.- It's there.- You just gotta wait for it.

Friends, colleagues gather to remember Democratic strategist Kam Kuwata -

Feinstein, speaking off the cuff, described Kuwata as "a happy warrior, a smiling Buddha," and chastised herself and others for not paying closer heed to his circumstances; Kuwata died alone, of an apparent heart attack, and his body was not discovered at his Venice Beach condominium until about two weeks later.

"No one knows how. No one knows when. No one knows why," Feinstein said, suggesting that if people had paid closer attention, there may have been some warning sign before Kuwata was stricken.

The Bin Laden bombshell came at the end of her remarks, drawing audible gasps. Unknown to those in attendance was that President Obama had called a hasty late-night news conference in Washington to deliver the news. When Feinstein spoke, however, Obama had yet to address the nation.

Feinstein, as head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is privy to some of the nation's most important secrets. She was apparently among the top congressional members briefed by administration officials before the president spoke on live TV from the East Room of the White House.

Feinstein announces ahead of Obama

Speaking to an audience gathered in Santa Monica last night to commemorate the life of late political consultant Kam Kuwata, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein concluded her praise for her long time friend with a surprise announcement. She said she had to keep a lot of secrets as the chairwoman of the Intelligence Committee, but she added, she was going to share one secret. At 7:30 pm tonight, she went on, the president is going to come on television to announce Osama Bin Laden had been killed.

There were gasps from the audience, and after another sentence or two from the senator, applause. About 200 people attended the event including a number of state and local officials such as Former Governor Gray Davis and state Controller John Chiang.

Her announcement actually occurred a little after 7:30 pm by my watch, but the president would not get to make his speech for another hour or so.

Rachel Maddow, MSNBC colleagues score face time with Obama | The Daily Caller

Gitmo Nation

NYPD Testing Gun-Scanning Technology - CBS New York

How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA - Technology Review

Politie neemt vingerafdruk af op straat - Nederland - TROUW

Debate swirls as Paris embraces video surveillance - FRANCE - FRANCE 24

US privatizes war on drugs


VAT in the USA

ITM Adam/John,

I very good friend of mine who works for in Zurich and is on assignment in their London office constructing VAT for the US. They are contracted by the US GOV. As depressing as this is I thought best to pass it onto you and the listeners. I am guessing you will start to dig around for VAT in the US. So I will listen for your feedback on the Podcast.

Tricky Nicky from Zurich

Directions and Access to IMF Headquarters


Activist Post: What IAEA reports on Iran's nuclear energy/medicine: how US War Criminal 1% lie

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in their inspection role for compliance of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) has their November 2011 report in similar misleading language as their February 2010 report. IAEA appears to be under the same political pressure to make a case for war on Iran that we witnessed before US armed attack of Iraq. US corporate media and US political "leadership" will not remind Americans that the US eliminated the UN agency director who would have resolved concerns of alleged Iraq weapons:

Report details

B. Credibility of Information

12. As indicated in paragraph 6 above, among the information available to the Agency is the alleged studies documentation: a large volume of documentation (including correspondence, reports, view graphs from presentations, videos and engineering drawings), amounting to over a thousand pages. The information reflected in that documentation is of a technically complex and interconnected nature, showing research, development and testing activities over time. It also contains working level correspondence consistent with the day to day implementation of a formal programme. Consistent with the Agencys practice, that information has been carefully and critically examined. The Agency has also had several meetings with the Member State to clarify the information it had provided, to question the Member State about the forensics it had carried out on the documentation and the information reflected in it, and to obtain more information on the underlying sources.

13. In addition to the alleged studies documentation, the Agency has received information from more than ten Member States. This has included procurement information, information on international travel by individuals said to have been involved in the alleged activities, financial records, documents reflecting health and safety arrangements, and other documents demonstrating manufacturing techniques for certain high explosive components. This information reinforces and tends to corroborate the information reflected in the alleged studies documentation, and relates to activities substantially beyond those identified in that documentation.

14. In addition to the information referred to in paragraphs 12 and 13 above, the Agency has acquired information as a result of its own efforts, including publications and articles acquired through open source research, satellite imagery, the results of Agency verification activities and information provided by Iran in the context of those verification activities.22 Importantly, the Agency has also had direct discussions with a number of individuals who were involved in relevant activities in Iran, including, for example, an interview with a leading figure in the clandestine nuclear supply network (see paragraph 35 below). The information obtained by the Agency from the discussions with these individuals is consistent with the


Shut Up Slave!

Space Wars

U.S. Radar May Have Damaged Russian Mars Probe - Paper | Russia | RIA Novosti

International Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities

The long-term sustainability of our space environment is at serious risk from space debris and irresponsible actors. Ensuring the stability, safety, and security of our space systems is of vital interest to the United States and the global community. These systems allow the free flow of information across platforms that open up our global markets, enhance weather forecasting and environmental monitoring, and enable global navigation and transportation. Unless the international community addresses these challenges, the environment around our planet will become increasingly hazardous to human spaceflight and satellite systems, which would create damaging consequences for all of us. In response to these challenges, the United States has decided to join with the European Union and other nations to develop an International Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities. A Code of Conduct will help maintain the long-term sustainability, safety, stability, and security of space by establishing guidelines for the responsible use of space. As we begin this work, the United States has made clear to our partners that we will not enter into a code of conduct that in any way constrains our national security-related activities in space or our ability to protect the United States and our allies. We are, however, committed to working together to reverse the troubling trends that are damaging our space environment and to preserve the limitless benefits and promise of space for future generations.

Australia joins race to defend space

Techno Experts

GOP XFactor

Iowa Republicans to call caucus result split decision | Reuters


SOE Software - e-Goverment Solutions

Out There

Eiland duikt op uit het niets - De Standaard

Breivik bekent oplichting van meer dan een miljoen dollar - De Standaard

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Ministry of Truth


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Lawyer in WikiLeaks Case Wants to Depose Clinton - ABC News

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